Connemara Driving Ponies

Connemara Driving Ponies

Friday, 4 October 2013

Any Other Business Questions at AGM

Has anyone out there any issues or questions they would like raised at the AGM?  [whether you are can attend or not]

 Do the Irish membership wish to continue with the very unsuccessful Online Database?
Is enough being done to encourage the use and breeding of smaller ponies?
Are we as the mother society communicating properly with our daughter societies and the wider world at large?

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  1. We need a functional database, principally, in my view, to research back pedigrees and investigate good outcrosses for breeding purposes. Other societies can run them, so what inherent faults are there which cause the CPBS database to be down for so long ???? Software ? Hardware ? Operator error ?
    Regarding the value of the smaller pony, I'd like judges to remember that they should consider the breed standard as their yardstick, not their own personal views, nor what the current market favours. A good little black/roan/chestnut( if we could but find them ) pony beats a lanky grey anytime.
    Communication with daughter societies is not something I am in a position to comment upon, but in my experience, the ordinary members do not benefit from the proper dissemination of information which ought to be presented to them. Educate the breeders ? Sure isn't HWSS a prime example of sweeping knowledge under the carpet ?

    1. It would be appropriate if HWSS was discussed at the meeting, the entire research is near end and the CPBS hasn't yet really acknowledged this disease which is very real and will affect every Connemara breeder worldwide.

  2. I do not find the current voting in of new Council Members at all transparent. Could somebody please help me? What is the quota system for? What is the exact 'Connemara Area'? Which of the current new candidates are eligible for either area? Why is quota system not pointed out 'prior' to voting? PLEASE HELP!

  3. Currently there appears to be minimal monitoring of the characteristics of the Connemara Pony population in Ireland and no reporting against the stated objectives in the Stud Book Rules to members. Some suggested questions are:
    1. Outside of monitoring of total numbers and inspections, what monitoring of the Connemara Pony population does CPBS carry out on an annual basis? This information should be reported to CPBS members annually.

    2. Has CPBS considered carrying out a survey of owners of ponies that have not been presented for inspection as a means of finding out how the proportion of ponies presented can be increased and fixing the causes?

    3. How has the average coefficient of inbreeding percentage changed since the Feeley report? This information should be reported to CPBS members annually.

    4. What has CPBS done in the past year to “Safeguard the conservation of the Connemara Pony”?

    5. What plans does CPBS have for the coming year to “Safeguard the conservation of the Connemara Pony”?

    6. The ICCPS Mission Statement includes implementing “the identification and conservation of rare breeding lines”. My expectation is that as CPBS is the mother society, it should be leading the way in implementing the ICCPS goals. What has CPBS done in the past year to identify and conserve rare breeding lines?

    7. What has CPBS done to encourage other ICCPS societies to identify and conserve rare breeding lines that have been lost from Ireland?

    1. With regard to point 7 - The only reason lines have been lost to Ireland is the Classification system and 3 Class system. Going back to the Feely report which was done years ago and the breed was in trouble then ... When the studbook was closed any form of Classification should also have been closed and archived forever as all Connemara Ponies were then deemed "Purebred". Had the Classification system been abolished (as per EU requirements) every purebred would then stand on its own merits and be available to breeders without labels ie; Class 1 etc. and a more diverse use of the purebred stock available would have emerged and with it a greater gene pool instead of the overuse of stallions "deemed" to be a better "Class" and the loss of brilliant ponies in the Class 3 dumping ground because someone chose not to inspect a mare, winning stallion of puissance classic example ... Class 3 because dam was not inspected - loss of performance lines to breeders through an antiquated on Any Other Business Questions at AGM


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