Connemara Driving Ponies

Connemara Driving Ponies

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Australia's Connemara Pony Stallion Lines-2013 [Submitted by Sheila]

First paragraph of the introduction is reproduced here. Follow the link to read more. This report comes in six parts which may be found on the same website, under 'Publications' - 'Australia'

Part 1: Introduction
This report follows on from the 2007 Analysis of the Australian Connemara Pony Population by considering the stallion sub-lines available in Australia in 2013. To make sense of the data and the commentary it is suggested that readers should first review the 2007 analysis report AND the Commentary on the 2013 Stallion list for Ireland. The uniqueness of many of Australian lines of Connemara pony is underestimated by their breeders. It is hoped that this paper will help increase awareness of the genetic diversity offered by some of these ponies. Individual breeders need to make wise, well thought out decisions to ensure the continuance of the breed and we hope the analyisis of this paper will encourage this.   
                                                           To read more follow this link

A report on Ireland's stallion lines is next, BUT will be a while longer due to the much larger numbers involved.

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  1. Re the potential Irish analysis. This will not be to the depth of the Australian report. Unless someone is willing to finance an in-depth report this will not happen. At present New Zealand consultancy rates, such an in-depth report as the Australian would have cost several thousand dollars to commission. Even at New Zealand minimum wage the cost would be well over NZ$2000 because of the hours required for the research and writing. This does not take into consideration the time required to keep a private database current, nor the time required to extract the relevant statistical information from it.


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