Connemara Driving Ponies

Connemara Driving Ponies

Friday, 11 October 2013

Marketing Connemara Ponies? Producers and selling breeders must know the demand in the market before they begin.

PART 1  [Editors view ]
 I sometimes wonder what the stats are for the following categories of members within the various worldwide societies. It  might be useful if a poll where taken to establish the numbers & percentages for the following; viz;
Members who are

  1. Smallscale breeders who breed purely as a hobby, because they love the pony, who breed mainly for themselves and might sell the odd pony. 
  2.  Larger scale breeders who breed as part of their farming or stud enterprise, or as an add on to other business, who are aiming to sell the majority of what they breed.
  3. Either of the above, and  keep selected ponies to produce for showing in hand, riding or other purposes for use by their family, lending. leasing or selling on.
  4. Producers of ponies which they buy, and keep , mainly as a hobbby for themselves and family, but might sell a few ponies.
  5. Larger scale producers who buy in and trade in a larger number of ponies which they produce for the market with a view to making a profit. 
  6. Larger scale producers who breed, trade, buy and produce a large number of ponies for the market. 
[What constitutes 'larger' or 'smallscale'  does not really matter as it is the wording that is important]
This is not the suggested poll, but only the information the poll would be trying to assertain.

It is important that breeders' themselves decide whether they are breeding for themselves [as breeding stock or their own use], or for selling on to the marketplace, before they plan their matings for each year. What a breeder wants and what the marketplace wants, are too often very different things.


  1. New Thread
    The Bartley O Sullivan Lecture
    "Performance and the Connemara Pony Past Present and Future"
    This publication was available at Clifden Show, and at the back there were Five questions for the Breeder,
    Under question 4 : Are we breeding enough smaller Connemaras?
    I felt this is a very good point, and a way around the current 3 tier class system, and that is "what about a new system of height grading at 4 years old eg 13-14 hands and a 14-15 hands? Also the Welsh Pony and Cob Association have for some time recognised four sections, varying in size and type.
    The one thing I did take away from my trip to Clifden is that there are different "types" of purebred Connemaras in Ireland. A type which does very well in the show ring, a performance type, (which was often over 14.2 hh,) and what I would call the "true" Connemara type, and still very pony. All are purebred connemaras, and have a place in their own right to be every as much part of the breed/studbook as current Class 1 or even 2 ponies. Follow the Welsh Pony and Cob and make each a unique group, and hold classes which promote that particular type. Thus embracing the over height ponies, and even double dilutes in their own right.
    Question 5 : Should the Society be running a half-bred register and recognising half-breds?
    My thoughts are recognise ALL the purebreds now. Yes in some countries the part breds are important part of the promotion of the breed due to the lack of purebreds in those countries.

  2. Hi Enbarr
    You may see fit to post this "somewhere". Ireland is 'next' BUT it will be a while because the numbers are so much larger.
    This is the sort of information that SHOULD be coming out of the breed societies, but isn't.

    There are 6 parts to this document on the website below. You can download a printer friendly version copy of the document in its entirety by following the link on the top of each part of the web version.


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