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Connemara Driving Ponies

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

News from the AGM

Sadly, much of the meeting was again taken up with, and disrupted, once again by dissenters within the ranks of the Council.
The good news is that there was general agreement from the floor with the desire from one council member that the Articles & Memorandum from the Constitution be changed. Indeed the President of the Society, who chaired the meeting, expressed his personal desire that an EGM be called with a view to changing the constitution, as it is not fit for purpose in the modern age. He went on to suggest, that the dissention among the ranks had its root cause in the undemocratic nature of the Council make up. A speaker from the floor echoed the view that the lack of progress in addressing important issues was caused by the Council continuously having to put out its own fires.
Here is hoping that the root cause of the Councils problems will be put to rights by the calling of an EGM, as it is the view of this Editor that Council members create a lot of 'smoke on the decks' [hoping everyone will look for a fire somewhere] to draw attention to the fact that the 'vessel is unfit to sail'. This is because they 'feel' powerless on the Council.

Remember, it is the membership who appoint the council to run the society and represent the members, we must blame ourselves and not the individuals [misguided or otherwise], whom we elected. The council has had to adhere to a flawed constitution for years. We let it continue, it is now time to act, Editor.


  1. With the technology now available, we should vote for future AGMs and EGMs to be webcast, both live and downloadable thereafter. Democracy has to be seen to be believed....

    1. It is the editor's personal view that this would not be workable.
      There is no other private membership owned and driven company that
      allows the broadcasting of members meetings to the world wide web,
      as far as I know.
      There are such things as privacy laws, and individual members' rights to
      the same. The broadcaster could be sued by a member or members, under EU law,
      for broadcasting their views expressed at an essentially private meeting. Even
      if the meeting was webcast to members only, it would still be possible to
      record/rebroadcast this for release to the world wide web.
      Non members may attend member meetings purely by the membership's tolerance and good will. The membership retains the right to exclude non members, and bar anyone by a member's vote.

  2. Until every member can vote, we will never see democracy, let alone good practice. Having the antiquated rule that a member must be present was fine when they all lived within 50 miles, but the Society membership is geographically wider than that nowadays ! Also, I propose that membership be valid from whatever date it is paid. That one is prevented from having one's views represented by being disallowed a vote unless the membership fee is paid by Jan.31st is a gross injustice. 50 euros is 50 euros.

  3. If comments are to be uncensored, why do they need 'approval' before posting ? Just curious.
    btw, if I were a robot, I'd not be airing my own views.... ;-)

  4. The Editor, as the owner of this blog with
    commenting available, seeks to be responsible
    blog poster. I retain the right to check
    responses and new postings for the following;
    spam, obscenity, bad language, obvious slander/unfounded
    accusations, and links to pornography.
    Similar blog sites have collapsed in the past because
    editors did not check out what was being posted. If anyone
    has a problem with my stance on this that is just too bad.

  5. Proxy voting should be looked into - provided that this is legally available under Irish law.
    Video conferencing is not accessible to the public if set up properly. Video conferencing could be made available at several predetermined sites.
    The only thing I can see missing is the will to actually do any of these things

  6. If the CPS Agm was held in Athlone instead of Galway. Athlone would be more central for all Irish members....

    1. Agreed. Any of us could be there and back in the one day. For those 200 miles away, the long drive and necessary accommodation is prohibitive.

  7. Until Voting is transparent we will never see democracy and yes agree Proxy Voting is a must to allow all members the same opportunity to which they are entitled to being a fully paid up member.

    The 'disenters' in the ranks I would presume are members that are not happy with how their society is being managed. Personally I think in any voting situation with regard to a Connemara Society's council or committee an independant body should be appointed to count the votes for transparency and integrity. I suggested this at our committee elections here in Australia a few years ago and even offered to pay the costs for such an entity and this caused me no end of grief as a member. What were they afraid of ?

    In my opinion The Constitution of any Society should ensure the Council/Committee elect to be answerable and accountable to their members and not give them complete power.


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