Connemara Driving Ponies

Connemara Driving Ponies

Monday, 13 January 2014

Findings of my survey about knowledge and opinion of the CPBS societies worldwide.

Here is my first summary analysis of the first 100 responses to my survey.  [The link to the survey is at the foot of this post]

Q1- Re respondent's membership. 

          27% were members of CPBS Ireland
          42%  ''         ''         of daughter societies.
          31%  were not a member of CPBS or affilliated society.
                   The breakdown of the country origin of the responses will be  edited in here later.

 Q3-  What do you know of the function of the CPBS or Daughter Societies?

[Of those who answered this question only 62% seemed to understand the question or attempt to answer it properly]

         Of those that understood and answered the question
          17.64% showed full correct knowledge on CPBS functions.
          38.24% had moderate knowledge
          44.12% had little or no knowledge of the functions. 

 Q5-  From your observations or experience do you think the society worldwide is structured and organised to serve the membership properly?

         Yes =6.35%  No=36.51%  Somewhat= 23.81%
           Hard to say=15.87%  I don't know=17.46%

 Q6- Relationship of daughter societies with mother society.

        [The resuting answers to this question will have to be re-analysised to work out valid exact percentages, as some respondents were not members of daughter societies]

      The results will appear when the individual responses are all double checked for qualification. Suffice to say the answers 'Satisfactory' and'Poor' led the poll.

 Q7- In your view, is the 'Mission Statement' of the ICCPS fully supported, upheld & implemented by the CPBS Council in Ireland?

      Again the percentages will have to be calculated to eliminate invalid responses. However it would appear that the answer 'No' would still be the huge majority answer even after recalibrating.


Q8- [Irish members only]- Opinions on successive CPBS councils.

      The majority of respondents had good things to say about the CPBS council, but the majority had concerns, issues and areas to improve on as well.


 Q9- Do you think the Articles & Memorandum of Association of the CPBS need reviewing?

          YES= 58%  NO= 0%  DON'T KNOW= 42%


Hope everyone finds it interesting. The link to the actual survey is shown below

link to survey  

So if you haven't taken the survey yet, please do as it is still live.  



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