Connemara Driving Ponies

Connemara Driving Ponies

Friday, 7 February 2014

Appointing of Clifden Judges .

Some Council Members have shown integrity and leadership by deciding not to show ponies at Clifden in a year where they were instrumental in the selection process of the judges. Other Council members have not thought fit to follow this noble example.
However a perfectly reasonable proposal --------------------------
 for selecting judges has now been worked out for the entire Council to vote on by posted ballot, inluding those 7 that walked out. [This can be viewed as part of an update to the previous post, where Moss Joyce outlines the proposal.] There still remains the knotty question of whether Council members should show their ponies where they have picked the judges?

Just found this on CPBS facebook

It was out of grave concern that I must clarify and publicly explain to the members why I as a Director of the Connemara Pony Breed Society found it necessary to walk out of our last Counsel Meeting at the Westwood Hotel on Monday night.
The major issue up for decision on the night was the appointment of Judges for Cilfden Show 2014.
Unfortunately there was no consensus as to the selection process as much disagreement and unease exits and continues to be generated with regard to the perception of show fixing. Regrettably the whole process seems to be tied down by connections and conflicting vested interests.
It was my intention when elected to avoid the possibility that any Counsel Member could be accused of participating in show fixing and to that end I sought to have the Judges selected by drawing names out of a hat randomly in the interest of fair play. I agree that this system is far from ideal, but it is preferable to the allegations of preordained outcomes as a result of the Judges being handpicked by the select few. Interestingly all decisions with regard to the running and management of the Connemara Pony Society is restricted to a small handful of individuals who title themselves as Officers of the Society and who safeguard their positions under the Memorandum and Articles and Association. They remain in office indefinitely by rotating their positions and changing their titles which ensures that they do not have to seek re elections.
As a Counsel Member access to the business of the Society is strictly controlled and I have been personally challenged by our Chairman as to why I needed to visit the Office in Cilfden.
The order of business at this Counsel Meeting in the Westwood Hotel included a very serious matter with regard to a member of our Judges and Inspectors Panel to which a wholly inappropriate course of action was recommended and proposed by the Counsel Member and from which I wish to distance myself. This matter I considered too serious and needs to be investigated by the relevant authorities.
Please note that the full minutes of this meeting are voice recorded and are available from our Secretary.
Noel Brett
Counsel Member

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