Connemara Driving Ponies

Connemara Driving Ponies

Monday, 21 April 2014

Let's get Dr Fino to Clifden for Annual Clifden Pony Festival, 19th August 2014 [Sent by Connemara Pony Research Group]

 The upcoming meeting at which Dr Finno will present the results of the genetic research into HWSS is exciting progress. As with everything, progress comes at a cost. The Connemara Pony Research Group is an informal collection of people who came together in an effort to find the cause of HWSS. The research undertaken by the Bannasch Laboratory on the group's behalf
was funded by member's donations, a grant from the American Connemara Pony Society Foundation and many public donations made to the Connemara DNA Research Fund, Centre for Equine Health, University of California Davis, USA.
Knowing that the result of the research and genetic test development is of importance to every Connemara pony owner or breeder, the decision was made to bring Dr Finno to Ireland to present the results of the research. The presentation will be of value and interest to veterinarians, farriers
and Connemara pony breeders from across the world,  many of whom will be attending 2014 Clifden Show Week and Sales.

The CPBS and the ICCPS were offered the opportunity to support this event at no monetary cost to either organisation. However neither of these two organisations has replied to their invitation.

We need to raise funds to pay the costs of getting Dr Finno to Ireland, her accommodation in Ireland, and associated costs of presenting this meeting. An application for funding support was made to Horse Sport Ireland but as the result of their own funding cuts, they were unable to help.

We need your help to raise the funds.  
Thank you, Connemara Pony Research Group.

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  1. I see from their own blog that the presentation is actually all arranged for Tuesday 19th August at The Alcock & Brown Hotel, Market Square, Clifden.
    [see Connemara Pony Research Group Blog]


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