Connemara Driving Ponies

Connemara Driving Ponies

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Now seems that the Swedish Connemara Pony Society is in trouble too.

Swedish Board of Agriculture and Swedish Police are both investigating the Swedish Society. See post on 28th April on facebook-groups- connemarabreeders.



  2. Me and my wife have struggled for more than 2 years with discrimination and harrasment from the Swedish Connemara Society, SCS. In one case they refused us passport to our Colt foal, Westcliffs Poetic fenian Lad, if i did not transfere the mare into the swedish studbook, wich is wiolating EU laws and the irish studbook. Meanwhile a dansih breeder could get a passport without any problems. The Board of agriculture ruled the SCS in that case that they where violating EU laws,discriminating, and a trade barrier. In other cases the Chairman and his board made a vote to not follow the strickt rules regarding duplickat passport, and issued a passport against all rules. Off course the person was a friend of Gustafssons.

    It just carry on and on , i will describe a case each day to show how corrupt Anders Gustafsson and his board members are, i can realise it sounds like fiction because SCS and Anders Gustafssons behavior is absurb mental, I have letters who confirm all their madness.

    Peter Ilyes
    Westcliffs Connemaras

    1. Not surprised at this, as a certain high ranking member of our own society who always sits silently, lying back, with his arms folded and a smirk on his face at the Council table at all member meetings; is known to have an arrangement with high ranking officers from the Scandinavian societies. The same man presided over the farce that was the 'High performance Championship' of the last 2 years at Clifden Show; where the course designer's daughter, riding the assistant course designer' s pony was given the 1st place under dubious circumstances. Knowledgeable judges from, France, England, and Germany were scandalised. SJI officials attending as spectatators told me the course was grossly unfair and could only be negotisated if ridden uncorrectly.

  3. What the post doesn't say is that it is actually the person who posted the message on FB that contacted the police. There is always two sides of the coin and before judging you should hear all versions of a story...

  4. I have not published some further comments to this post as too many are replying as 'Anonymous' and therefor it is getting confusing as to who is who. Please see the notes in red on the right hand side pane about selecting an ID to post as.Also please refrain from bad language, slander and personal attacks. Keep it civilised and not too heated please.

  5. There has been a verdict on the Swedish Connemara Society. They have been preciptated an all points in the case. They have to answer back on all the things they have done wrong and list how they have changed it to follow rules and regulations. They have to tell the County Board how things they have been proven doing wrong never is going to happen again. It has taken two years to get this case solved and we all hope now that things are for the best and that the Swedish Society will be better on following rules and regulations of how things should be done.


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