Connemara Driving Ponies

Connemara Driving Ponies

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

HWSS Meeting [now officially called HWSD]

Although there were few breeders from Ireland at the meeting, it was well attended and proved a very productive and educational meeting. Needless to say there was the usual lone voice in absolute denial. There is always one! LOL. Report and synopsis to follow soon. The syndrome has now been officially upgraded to a unique, verifiable and testable disease i.e. HWSD [Hoof Wall Seperation Disease]; and should not be confused with any other condition or disease.
[ Sorry about delayed report, but hard to find someone actually at the meeting who could offer a report!] I now have TWO REPORTS to offer readers. One from Fergus Moloney and another by the group who ran the seminar. Fergus's report is posted as a comment below. Here is also a link to the group's own report---HWSD group Clifden meeting report

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  1. Firstly, as a registered connemara pony breeder, I would like to thank Fiona, Sheila, Joycelan and whoever else was involved for putting together the HWSD presentation in Clifden on the Tuesday of show week. It was well thought out and planned. It can't have been easy to organise from the other side of the world with little or no help from anyone in Ireland. I would like to commend the excellent speakers and thank them profusely
    for travelling all the way to our shores to deliver their knowledge and messages. We shall forever be in their debt.
    I do feel slightly ashamed at the most un-irish of welcomes they got from the Connemara Pony community here in Ireland. Out of at least 400 people in Ireland that followed HWSS blog on the internet, less than 15 from Ireland bothered to attend.

    The seminar started with a highly detailed and well thought out presentation from Dr Finno. I am not good at the science of genetics, so found it bewildering at times, but was able to follow ''the jist of it'' and verified the correct scientific merit of it all. The main message I got was that things are not as bad as one might imagine
    and there is no need to panic. However, HWSD is out there significantly and cannot be ignored!
    There then followed an interesting presentation by a farrier working with shoeing techniques for affected ponies. This was followed by statistical research evidence and findings by Sheila Ramsey.
    The consensus of the gathering seemed to be that individual breeders will lead the way in seeking evidence of test results when planning their breeding
    programmes. The marketplace will quite quickly demand it.


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